Your new favorite dispensary in Netcong, NJ

Discover a flower-filled sanctuary of cannabis, where every visit is a journey from bud to bloom.  Opening Summer 2024

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Our Essence

Bud 2 Bloom is more than a dispensary; it’s an experience. Envision a space where mystique meets comfort, and the beauty of blooms inspires every detail. Our homey, bar-inspired setting invites you to explore and connect.

Our Mission

We aim to transform perceptions of cannabis, crafting a welcoming atmosphere for both connoisseurs and newcomers. Our focus is on education, quality, and community, ensuring every visit enriches your journey.

Our Vision

Launching in Summer 2024, we’re crafting a destination for cannabis discovery in Netcong, integrating floral elegance with the finest selections, destined to leave you in awe.

We are creating a welcoming sanctuary and community space for new consumers to get familiar with the enjoyment of cannabis

Ariel Mizrahi

Co-owner and operator